Java Tools 0.44

Java Tools 0.44


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Date Added:20 June, 2012

Author: Field Bird

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Java Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating, compiling, executing and debugging Java applications and applets. Java Tools includes point and click access to the Java commands, documents, directories and files. It also includes a built-in text editor and user interface for the Java debugger. Java Tools makes learning and using Java easier. It's for the new Java user who needs help getting started. It's also for the more experienced Java user who wants easy access to the Java commands and a text editor. FEATURES: · Small footprint. · File menu for create, copy, delete, edit, properties and tree commands. · Tools menu for compile (javac), archive (jar), document (javadoc), disassemble (javap), execute (java and appletviewer) and debug (jdb) tools. · Options menu for compile and document options. · Help menu for Java API Specification, Java Tools and Utilities, Java Features and Java Tutorial documents. · Lists and trees for package directories, and Java, manifest, HTML, image and sound files. · Combined file and tools menus for lists and trees. · Built-in text editor (see Edit for details). · Built-in user interface for the Java debugger with command-line edit and history. · Built-in help. · Create compilable and executable stubs for Java, manifest and HTML files. · Check for unused, redundant and missing imports in Java files. · Delete for class, archive and document files generated by compile, archive and document commands. · Automatic include for class, image, sound and Java files required by archive and document commands. · Code metrics for Java files. · Install for Java document, Java source code, Java tutorial and Sun tools distribution archive files. · Log for Java tools invoked by GUI. · Self-installing executable (Java archive file). · Support for Windows and Linux with J2SE Version 1.3.1 or later. · Comprehensive documentation for installing and using JDK and Java Tools.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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